G-OIL® replaces the petrochemical base of traditional oil products with an “ultimate biodegradable” bio-base. This base called tallow (fatty acids derived from reclaimed animal fats) is sustainable and can be collected domestically with grown beef, pork, and chicken fat. Domestic users are finding our bio-based products to be a great alternative to foreign oil.

The current American mania for eating beef is not likely to end any time soon. In the meantime, thousands of cattle are being slaughtered in the U.S. every day. The fat from an average of two animals equals one drum of G-Oil®. If we don’t make motor oil out of beef fat, that fat will either be stored, be wasted completely, or be shipped overseas. Thus G-Oil® uses very little energy to convert a waste product into useful motor oil that can replace traditional lubricants and save all the energy and pollution involved in its making— nothing short of a brilliant use of resources.



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