Pressure Washer
Portable Electric Pressure Washer 1400 PSI / 1.3 GPM. Integrated powerful 13A Universal Motor w/Total Stop. Compact, lightweight design.

Item Number: 1421

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High Pressure Detergent Injector
Dissolves and applies G-CLEAN detergent pouches at high pressure for deep cleaning. Connects to Pressure Washer.
Item Number: 1419

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Foam Blaster Applicator
Adjustable pattern from fan to long-range spray. Variable foam control lever. Applies foam at high pressure up to 30 feet.
Item Number: 5171 (1 unit)

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PW Spray Nozzle
Narrow and wide mode sealer spray. Short and long range low pressure soap spray for up to 30 feet.
Item Number: 5397 (1 unit)

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