Organic Glass Cleaner
Creates ultra sparkling clean glass, leaving an anti-static residue. Reduces future dust and dirt build-up. Safe for all glass surfaces, including tinted windows.
Item Number: 1205 (22 oz)

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All Purpose Cleaner
Multi- purpose, multi-surface cleaner. Creates anti-static coating that reduces future dirt and dust build-up. (Not recommended for glass or painted surfaces)
Item Number: 1226 (22 oz)

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Organic Grill & Surface Cleaner
Heavy duty cleaner. Lifts and removes the toughest baked on grease, dirt, and food particles, leaving a lasting shiny shield.
Item Number: 1232 (22 oz)

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Odor Eliminator
Eliminates odors on contact. Hypo-allergenic, odorless, non-toxic deodorizer that cleans without leaving behind a bio-film layer on surface.
Item Numbers: 1211 (12 oz),
1215 (4 oz)

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