Fire Out
Emulsifies and encapsulates hydrocarbons creating a non-flammable solution. Suppresses fuel vapors in confined spaces.

Item: 1411 (10 oz), 1412 (22 oz),
1413 (64 oz)

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Organic Boat Glass Cleaner
Creates ultra sparkling glass, leaving a long-lasting invisible anti-static coating, repelling water, and resisting salt. Reduces dirt buildup. Ammonia free.

Item: 1414 (22 oz), 1415 (64 oz)

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Fuel Spill Clean-UP!
Emulsifies and encapsulates fuel spills, instantly suppressing VOC's. Prevents ignition or re-ignition of fuels and oils during spill clean-up.

Item: 1409 (22 oz), 1410 (64 oz)

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Surface Wash Agent
Emulsifies and encapsulates fuel and oil spill.

Item Numbers: 1430 (64 oz),
1431 (128 oz), 1432 (5 gal drum)

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